Plant a Seed. Leave a Legacy

Today I was invited to celebrate Changi Simei Toastmasters Club’s 15th Anniversary.  15 years ago, I had planted a seed. I left a legacy. This is the message I shared with the members.

Over the years the Club has impacted hundreds of lives. One of the presidents had started a club in India.

Toastmasters had transformed my life and gave me a career in training.  It has transformed me to be less shy, more sociable, and develop my leadership qualities as a club leader.

Seeing people of diverse background – different nationalities, countries, religions, races, coming together as a club is so heart warming.

I felt honoured for the recognition as the founding president of the club. I am grateful to the presidents and the exco for keeping the club alive. It has about 62 members and I look forward to see them grow to 100 members.

My message to you is to plant a seed and leave a legacy
What will your legacy be?

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The Freedom Lifestyle

The online solopreneur lifestyle is a freedom lifestyle, a far cry from my old corporate job, and life as a soldier.

As a soldier, you live for a mission. You are never to question the decisions of your superior. You are to do and sacrifice your life for the mission. There is no emotion or empathy in your work because your mission is to kill and destroy. You are just a killing machine.

When you cannot separate your role as a soldier and as a family man, it spells trouble. Your words are commands and orders. There is no compromise. Bring that attitude to the family or to the private sector, and you are a misfit.

I left my job as a soldier because I got wiser. I start to think and question the status quo.  It did not serve me well as a father and a husband.  What’s good is that they imbued the warrior’s spirit of resilience in me.

The corporate job was better.  Airconditioned office. Clean attire. No more digging holes in the mud and camouflaging yourself unique with chee ye bye leaves. No more swearing and fcuking works. It is more civilised.

But the hours were long. Wake up before the sun is up.  By the time I come home, the sun has set. The travel was long. MRT jam. By the end of the day, you are so drained that you won’t time for a second job. Just recover and repeat another day.

When you enter your office, you put your soul at the door. When you exit, you put your soul back to your body.  You sell 12 hours of your time for 4 hours of me-time and weekends.

If your boss is a bully, you are a slave. If your colleagues bully you, you are damned. They pay you as little as possible to do the work of many people. They think that since you are an employee, they can boss you around.

As a solopreneur, you are your own boss. If you don’t work, nobody is going to nag you. But nobody is going to give you work either. Wake up anytime. Do whatever you want. You don’t need permission.  No need to take leave. You can say ‘No’ to anyone.  You have the power to make choices.

It’s the best life ever, doing what you love, on your own term.

But I know that not everyone has the courage to step out of their prison cage because they don’t know how to survive on their own.

I value freedom and happiness more than anything.  It was really really hard when I first step out. I am thankful for the grace of  God, who provides for my needs.

P.S.  If you like me to mentor you in the pursuit of the freedom lifestyle, join me at

Today  I  worked in a cafe.

Be the Man

Words of exhortation from my friend Jason Limpeh Ng.

” Be the man who seeks not riches but makes others a ton more money. Be the man who seeks not to rub shoulders with elites but to be the elite people wants to rub shoulders with. Be the man who through simple words can change the world…”

So What if You Don’t Have a Certificate?

My new FB friend works as a telemarketer. She wants to earn extra income from home as a freelance writer.  She has a medical condition that restricts her from working outside.

Her friend told her that she is unlike to succeed as she doesn’t have the qualification.

Has anyone told you that you won’t succeed if you don’t have the piece of paper?

Let me tell you the truth.

That piece of paper is only good for use when you apply for a job as an employee in traditional-thinking companies in Singapore.

If you are a freelancer, your clients don’t care what certificates you have, or how much effort you put into the work. What they care is whether they get what they pay for. They pay for the results.

I can give you plenty of real-life examples of people who are successful without the piece of paper.

I once walked into a prestigious govt IT company. The HR won’t employ me because I did not have a degree. I went by the backdoor, directly to the director. They need a software engineer urgently. By the power of a strong recommendation from a high-ranking officer and from the most influential person in the director’s life, I got the job. They threw me into deep water. I performed to their expectation.

For the last 9 years, I had been making a living without a job. When the world don’t give you a job, you create one. You can create your own future. You don’t need anyone’s permission.

Kimanzi Constable was once a bread-delivery man. He submits his articles to big publications. Today he is an international consultant.

Ask Jon Morrow. He cannot move anything but his face. Today he is making more money than most able bodied people put together.

Ask Johari Sa’ad, the author of his upcoming book, “Success without Cert’. He said, “Your grade does not define who you are. Your grade does not define your level of intelligence.” Johari succeeds as a video storyteller and he does not have a certificate. He makes enough money to get married and drive a car. He has two businesses.

Here are 7 life-lessons:

#1: Get advice from the right people. 
I asked her who is the person who gave her the advice that she cannot succeed without a certificate.   “He is a real estate agent who is now driving Grab taxi.”

Don’t listen to the wrong people. Don’t get advice from people who don’t know what they are talking about.  What does her friend know about the business of writing? Is he qualified to advise her?  Don’t hang around negative people.

#2. Shut the negative chatter in your head. 

“I am not a pro. Will  people use my service?”   Oh, shut up!

#3. See the Positive. 

From today onwards, change your vocabulary from “I cannot, “I am not…”  to “what is possible for me, “What can I do”.   Focus on your CAN, not your CANNOT.

 #4.  Serve the Marketplace

You can look for writing assignments in marketplaces such as Fiverr and Upwork.  Go to Fiverr and create an account. Sell your article writing and article rewriting service.

#5.  Who else need your service as a writer?

Who needs content?  Internet marketers need content. Book authors need ghostwriters.  Where do your prospects hang around? You find them in online communities such as Facebook groups. Mingle with the people who need your service.

#6.  Portfolio.
when you want to do work for your prospects, they will ask you for a portfolio (ie sample of your work.  They won’t know how good you are or what your writing style is or what standard is like.  So naturally, they will ask you for samples of your work.

Create a blog. Start blogging to showcase your writing.

#7.  Get a mentor
Get a mentor who has been there, done that.  You save yourself the time running in a circle and getting stuck in a maze.  I am a writer.  I make a living by selling words.  Contact me if you like me to mentor you.

“You can literally take a laptop and build an empire” ~ Roberto Blake

There is a place for Solopreneurs

This morning Jason Limpeh Ng shared inside the solopreneur group about why he is a solopreneur, and not an entrepreneur.

He said that if you want to be an entrepreneur, you got to be a business person. You focus on improving the business. Build a team.

On the other hand, a solopreneur is an expert who sells his expertise. He focuses on self-development, to be a better me.

For some, being a solopreneur is a transition from being an employee to a business person (see Robert Kiyosaki’s 4 quadrant).

For others including myself, it is a lifestyle choice.
You have control over your schedule, over the projects or clients. You are the boss. So you can make decisions without compromise.

You are flexible in what you want to do. You can change direction anytime. You set the pace. You can stop if you are tired.

You might outsource and delegate some works to others. You pay for whatever service you need when you need it.

There is no office rental. No employees. Very little overheads. You operate from home or from a cafe. You work part time or full time.

You are a one-person business. You can charge afford to charge low. You disrupt the industry cos your pricing is well below the market price. You attract customers who are price conscious than value conscious.

You may not be a millionaire but you can earn enough for a simple quality lifestyle. You are not that ambitious. Just enough for your needs.

I am proud to be a solopreneur. I enjoyed being a solopreneur. If you want to be in a tribe where you feel belonged, I welcome you to join me and my solopreneur tribe at

You’ll feel at home.You’ll feel that’s where you belong.  Your tribe is calling you.

Get Paid with Payoneer and Paypal.Me

What’s the first thing you do when you decided you want to be an internet marketer?

Set up a payment account so that you get paid.

If you reside in Singapore, use PayLah or Paynow. They enter your mobile number and the money goes to your bank account immediately.  There is no transaction fee.

What if you want to receive payment from anyone in the world?
Set up a Paypal account.  Make sure your paypal account name tallies with your bank account name.

Here is a neat way for people to pay you any amount of money in any currency. This is a cool hack if you are asking for donation.


For example, if you want to pay me money, here is my link => You can set any amount and any currency.

Payoneer is another way of payment for those who are not using Paypal. It is a debit Mastercard that you can use to withdraw money from ATM anywhere in the world. You can login to your Payoneer account online and transfer the money to your bank account. There is no transaction fee for the transfer.

If you are getting paid from Amazon for your Kindle ebooks, a cheque is a lousy way to receive payment. You have to reach the minimum earning before you get paid. There is a huge transaction fee for cheque clearance and there is very little left of your earning.  Major big USA companies accept Payoneer payment.

Pay your virtual assistants through Payoneer. Get paid for your Amazon Kindle books earning through Payoneer. To create a free Payoneer account, sign up here